This is my favorite thing on the internet right now.


Sarah Kessick of West Virginia got home with her four kids to see some asshole leaving her house with a shiz load of her possessions, including a chainsaw.  So Sarah told her kids to stay in the truck, locked the doors, got out of the truck, ran after the burglar, who yelled that he had a gun, he fell and the gun did too, then Sarah took the effing chainsaw and beat the dude with it.  SHE BEAT HIM WITH A CHAINSAW.  She’s the most bad ass chick of the week.

Dave Cook of Virginia found a 20 dollar bill in his McDonald’s Cheeseburger.  It’s a mystery how it got there, but this pic from the news story has me LOL. The caption was “Dave Cook and his new found fortune.” Smart asses.  Oh well, 20 bucks in your 1 dollar burger, your 19 bucks and a shiz ton of germs ahead.