This is my favorite thing on the internet today. LOL.

There’s a new restaurant opening in Japan that will allow the customers to dine naked, provided they are under 60 years old and not overweight. LOL. YES! Restrictions on nudity in public, I’m okay with that! I’m more okay with the naked restrictions than I am the naked dining.  The patrons will have to wear hygienic cloth diapers which makes this even creepier for me.  Thinking about almost all naked people sitting around eating in their crinkly paper panties, ew.

Alan Robles was carjacked in San Antonio on Friday by some guy all hopped up on drugs.  So the carjacker has a knife pulled on Alan, and then gets in his car.  The only problem was Alan’s car was a manual transmission and the carjacker couldn’t drive stick shift.  Not wanting to give up easily, the carjacker actually asked Alan to teach him how to drive a stick.  After several minutes of trying and failing, the perpetrator asked Alan to drive him. LOL. Well, they drove for about 10 minutes before the carjacker got all twitchy and nervous and wanted to drive again.  Not long after that dude crashed the car into a fence, was found and tased by cops, and currently he’s in custody.  Worse carjacker ever.

A dude on his horse lassoed a bike thief in a Wal Mart parking lot in Eagle Point, Oregon.  KICK ASS.