A fart led to a bar brawl at Sloppy Joe’s in Key West.  We don’t know who farted, but we know it was basically two couples exchanging words, because of the fart, and then one broad got up to fight the other broad and there was a ruckus.  The farting couple left and the other couple decided to not press charges.  Just add booze….and bean-o.

This morning Sheboygan police had to call in the DNR to help tranq a 2 year old male black bear that was wandering around town. Just because people are effing morons these days the police department had to warn people that if they see a bear around town they need to avoid it and call 911.  DUH.

ThinkGeek has a battery operated clip on moving cat tail, for your furry start up kit 😉

Ed O’Neill took a picture with Britney Spears and had no idea who she was! LOL. Pic makes me laugh, she’s a tool.  He’s awesome.