Shia Lebouf was in Manitowoc! It was all part of his #TakeMeAnywhere twitter campaign/living art project in which he tweets out his coordinates and gets everyday ppl to help him “hitchhike” across the country! So he was in Manitowoc, then Sheboygan, then crossed over Minnesota, and as of Tuesday evening he was in South Dakota, by Rapid City. I used to hate Shia Lebouf, but his weird projects have won me over.  I love the dude. I wish I would have been in Manitowoc to give him a ride where ever.  What a kick ass idea.  DO IT!!!!!

The trailer for the new Rob Zombie movie “31” has been released.  Looks effed up, like all of his movies! It’ll be out September 16.

Krystal Wilson’s six month old Weimaraner, named Lake, ate some Gorilla Glue.  Turns out the shiz expanded in Lake’s stomach, but Krystal got the dog to the vet in time to get her in surgery.  “So, the glue, once it gets to the stomach, it slowly starts expanding…it’s the perfect shape of a stomach, so you get a mold,” the vet said.  The glue made a mold of Lake’s stomach. WOW! This story could have had a totally different, horrible ending, but luckily Lake is recovering, and should be fine.

A repeat drunk driver in Georgia tried bribing the cop that pulled him over with cash and beer….it didn’t work. LOL.  Lazaro Hernandez drove past an officer that was directing traffic after an accident at about 2:30 AM.  The cop pulled him over and asked him why he drove past the traffic point, Hernandez said he thought he was getting waved through.  He reeked of booze, cop saw a beer bottle in the car, yadda yadda yadda, same old song and dance.  Once Lazaro was in the patrol he bribed the cop, offering $400 and some beer. #FAIL