Earlier this week the tabloids were reporting that Richard Simmons was transitioning to a woman and that is why he’s been out of the spotlight for a few years.  Well, Richard took to Facebook to set the record straight.

Peeing in the shower is good!  A new poll shows that about 80% of us do it, and another article tells us it’s good for saving water! If we all peed in the shower once a day we’d save 185 billion gallons of water a year in the US! THAT ROCKS! Pee in the shower, everybody!

The kid that got taken by a gator in Florida has been found.  He drowned, and there was pretty much nothing anyone could do.  It was a perfect combo of shitty things; it was evening (prime gator feeding time), splashing in shallow water, and a small target.  IT SUCKS!!! BUT! Disney isn’t liable, imo! What are they supposed to do? Kill all the gators on the grounds? That’s crazy!!!  A billion families have done the same thing and no kids were killed! It was a freak accident, and it blows!