The Stoughton Fair cancelled their pig wrestling event after a push back from the animal rights community.  A petition was signed by over 10k people, now I’m not sure how many of those ppl actually LIVE here, but whatevs.  The fair board is upset because they’re missing out on fund raising money, and the Stoughton City Council decided to give them a check for 6 grand to help make up for it.  A lot of callers this morning had a “OMG QUIT BEING BUTTHURT ABOUT EVERYTHING” attitude over the whole sitch, but I’m torn, cuz I love everything about the fair, yet I feel like the pigs are scared, so then I feel bad for them…. I feel like the fair could do something else to raise money, maybe like Human Foosball?

Meatloaf collapsed on stage, again.  It happened a few times in 2011 and I think before in 2003.  He’s not exactly the pinnacle of health, so IDK what else we expect from a super old dude performing under hot lights with scarves.  Get better, Mr Loaf.

Jesse Maher was breastfeeding her baby at a Target Cafe somewhere in Conneticut when she was verbally attacked by some old, crotchety fellow.  Jesse started recording, and her fb video of the incident now has over 7 million views.  The dude was an asshole, but the good news is other customers and Target staff come to Jesse’s defense and made the dude feel like a complete doucher. I cannot believe breastfeeding in public is still an issue in 2016. smh. This story reminded me of two of my favorite internet memes. Enjoy.