Bieber fell off the stage last week in Canada, and the video is HILARIOUS (Don’t worry, he’s fine. Oh, you were hoping he was hurt? LOL, you dick).  It’s not just cuz it’s the Biebs, I love watching all kinds of people fall, as long as they aren’t terribly hurt, that shiz is funny.  I laugh first, ask if you’re okay second, but you can totally do the same thing to me, I won’t be mad 😉

A couple jag offs in Phoenix lit a fireworks display in Wal-Mart on fire. Cops are lookin’ for ’em. They’ll probably face arson charges.  Check out this video of the mess from another shopper.

A couple updates from Orlando.  First one:  Some chick was in too much of a hurry to wait for the funeral procession for one of the Pulse victims, so she “cut through” the procession and hit two friggin’ cops on their motorcycles. One officer was in critical condition and the other in stable, we haven’t gotten an update since day of. Second update from Orlando:  Westboro Baptist Church announced they were going to be picketing Pulse victim’s funerals, so a local theater responded by making Angel costumes for people to block out the WBC protesters.  Check it out. They all get together and shield the ppl attending the funeral from the hateful assholes on the sidewalk.  Love it.

Just cuz, here’s my favorite meme right now. LOL