The most effed up thing I’ve read on the internet in a long time…. “What it’s like to date your dad.” YIKES. It’s all about one girl’s experience with GSA (Genetic Sexual Attraction).  It gets a big “I can’t even.”  This is how we all looked while reading it.

Freedom cow is an inspiration for us all.  Be free, even if it effing kills you.  In Auburn, Maine, a cow on it’s way to slaughter kicked open the trailer door and escaped.  The cow ran around, in and out of traffic for about 45 minutes until the cops opened fire and shot the damn thing.  It took 15 rounds to kill Freedom Cow, but she lives on in our memories….and I can’t help but ask, did anyone get a halter and try to lead the damn thing into a different trailer? Haven’t any of these people ever had to catch the cows and put them back in their pen? SMH.  City folk. 😉

The UFC is close to being sold for $4.2 billion.  The Kraft company and others are in on the deal, but UFC is saying “nope, nothing to see here. These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.” Remember, this is the point in time when the purchased company denies they were purchased. So, there is that. We talked to KenFlo this morning, check out that interview here.