Grandpa brought the wrong damn kid home from school. Can you believe that shiz? AND GRANDMA WAS WITH HIM! HAHAHAHAH! Joseph Fuller went to Edisto Primary School in South Carolina to pick his grandson up early. As gramps was walking up to the school he saw a group of kids and thought he had spotted his grandson within the group.  So he approached the boy, gave him a hug and asked if he was ready to go. The boy said “yes” and a teacher’s assistant asked the kid if the old dude was his grandpa, and he said “yes” again and that was that.  The boy just left with this huggy old guy.  Joseph walked to the front office with the kid that’s not even his grandson, and proceeded to sign the child out as if it were his grandson.  He then loaded his not grandson into the back of the car, got in the driver’s seat and set off for home.  His wife was in the passenger seat during all of this, and even handed the not grandson a Happy Meal, without looking back.  They drove all of the way home before Grandma and Grandpa realized this child wasn’t their grandson.  What tipped them off?  The kid they had with them had a missing front tooth, and their grandkid doesn’t.  So they drove him back to the school and swapped him out for their legit grandkid.  SMH. GOOOD LORD!

$30 is a helluva good deal on a chest freezer, unless it’s gotta damn body in it!  Let’s head to Goldsboro, NC where a woman who wishes to remain unidentified, purchased a freezer from her neighbor.  The seller told the buyer that the freezer was kind of a “time capsule” and peeps from the church would be by to pick up the stuff that’s encased in the freezer/time capsule.  Well, when the church ppl never showed up, the purchaser of the freezer opened it up….and found the sellers dead mom hacked up in to pieces.  HOLY CRAP. “She sold me her frozen mother for $30. How do you do something like that??” the woman said.  I DON’T KNOW !!!!  The seller skipped town and as you may have guessed, authorities are wanting to talk with her.   This reminded me of the cat freezer story. 

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