Our favorite weather dude, Frankie MacDonald now has a coffee mug for sale 😉 I freekin’ love Frankie. I’ve been trying to get his address for YEARS to send him some JJO gear to wear on one of his “Attention people of Wisconsin” weather warnings.  In case you have NO idea who I’m talking about, here’s his latest warning for Wisconsin.

I feel like a bunch of stoners are running our fast food joints, case in point: Mac N Cheetos bites at Burger King, nationwide limited release starts June 27th.  They’ll be gone before the end of the summer, so pick a day to get super stoned with your friends and go pick some up LOL.  What are these Mac N Cheetos bites anyway?  Think of your standard mac n cheese bites you get at a bar, only instead of traditional breading, it’s cheetos flavored.  Oh, wow.

A high school senior in Montana was recently asked to cover up or change when she went braless to school and it made her male teacher “uncomfortable.” Kaitlyn Juvik, an 18 year old senior has been going braless for a whole year, in fact, her and all of her friends go braless.  She wore a dark colored off the shoulder t shrit to school one day, and apparently, it was too much to handle for her creepy teacher, who reported her to administration.  The administration pulled her into the office and asked her to cover up.  UNBELIEVABLE! Shortly after it happened, she started the No Bra, No Problem facebook page and is ready to lead a national movement to start a discussion about “the body shaming and sexualizing of women.” You go, girl, and you go braless.