Christine Loughead of Ontario rescued a grocery store lobster and released it into the wild for about $245, when all was said and done.  Christine was shopping when she noticed the lobster alone in the tank, destined to be eaten.  So she bought him, for about 20 bucks.  When she got the lobster home, she was going to set up a tank for him to live, but upon researching, she found out the lobster most likely came from the Nova Scotia coast.  So she found a willing vegan friend near Nova Scotia to agree to release the lobster into the Atlantic.  Christine paid the $225 shipping costs and sent the lobster thousands of miles across the country to Beth the vegan who promptly released him into the ocean.  Totes adorbs.

Bud, the African grey parrot witnessed the murder of his owner, Martin Duram in a botched murder suicide attempt.  Martin was shot several times and his wife, Glenna, was found with a gunshot wound to the head.  The cops originally thought it to be a double homicide, but realized Glenna was still alive after AN HOUR into the investigation, but that’s a whole different topic.  Anyhoo, the bird was there when Glenna went batsnit crazy and shot Martin and then herself.  Bud is now with Martin’s first wife.  The damn bird repeats the final argument between Martin and Glenna, and ends with the words “Don’t f-ing shoot.” HOW SAD IS THAT???  The poor thing is probably scarred for life.  Prosecutors are still deciding if they are going to charge Glenna, who has fully recovered from her injuries.

It’s been spotted: The Whopperito….a whopper in a wrap.  Is this a big deal? Judging from the internet’s reaction, it’s a pretty big deal.  I like my wraps cold. With cold stuff inside. I like my burgers in buns.  With hot stuff inside. Call me old fashioned.  Ooooh, an old fashioned sounds so good right now.  YUMMMMMMMY.  #ADD  #Squirrel