In case you missed the most bad ass version of the Star Spangled Banner ever, here it is.

A 5 year old girl from North Carolina named Ainsley has won the heart of the internet, which is a hard thing to do.  See, it was Princess week at her dance school and all of the girls in her class showed up in their favorite princess outfits, but not Ainsley.  She showed up in a hot dog costume.  When the world is made up of princesses, be a hot dog.  High five, Ainsley.  Your #ZeroFucks attitude is spot on.

Have you heard of Project Magenta?  It’s the latest attempt by Google to make cyborgs that eventually ruin civilization as we know it.  But they say it’s an initiative to make machine intelligence more artsy fartsy.  They’re already showing off progress made with Project Magenta, a song composed entirely by a computer.  How? You ask? They used a neural network, which is a computer network that works like the human brain.  They pumped a bunch of songs into THE BRAIN and eventually the program was able to realize what notes should come next in a sequence and viola! A boring song! LOL.  I think it’s pretty cool, actually.