Snoop Dogg threw out a first pitch at Petco stadium and a cameraman almost got nailed. I thought he was going by Snoop Lion? What happened to that?

This may be old news to some of you baseball fanatics, but I just found out about it.  At PNC Park they serve a hot dog with caramel sauce, mac and cheese, jalapenos and cracker jacks on top. There isn’t enough weed in the world for me to find that abomination appetizing. I ended up finding this list of other disgusting ball park foods.  Enjoy.  Or don’t. Up to you.

A little pig on it’s way to a fattening farm bounced out of the trailer it was riding in and fell on to the Indiana interstate.  A truck driver behind the pig trailer saw Sonny (that’s the piglets name, awwww) fall out and bounce down the road.  He stopped, picked Sonny up, wrapped him in a blanket and took him to a vet clinic.  Sonny sustained some pretty serious injuries from his tumble across the interstate and it will cost a couple grand to fix him up, but when Sonny is all better he’s destined for a life of nothing but green pastures, as he will be given to a sanctuary farm. So freekin’ cute.  I love this story.  If you want to donate to a local, very cool animal sanctuary that helps troubled kids and adults, check out Heartland Farm Sanctuary in Verona. 

Cat Chat!!!  A Russian cat that became a viral sensation after video of it eating expensive fish out of a high end airport store surfaced, will be honored with a statue in front of the Arsenal Hockey Arena.  How did that happen? Well, after the viral video thingy happened, the cat ended up getting rescued by a hockey team.  The team named him Matroskin and he lived at the arena for a few years.  Matroskin passed away on Tuesday, and the team loved him so much they decided to put a statue of his likeness in front of their arena to remind people about upward mobility in life.  You can start out a stray, street cat and end up living a very satisfying, successful life.  Awwww….. adorbs.