Snoop Dogg was on Celebrity Family Feud.  He was head to head with Sugar Ray Leonard and a weed question was presented.  Long and short of it, Snoop dropped the ball on a weed question.  Sugar Ray had a better answer.

In other Snoop news, he and the Game lead a peaceful march to the LAPD headquarters and had a fantastic press conference and meeting with the LAPD.  Snoop said in an Instagram video that the goal was to get a dialog going with new LAPD recruits before they start working in the field.  “That way they know that we’re just like them and we’re trying to live, go home and get some understanding,” he said.  Way to go Snoop! Way to be a community leader, you rock!

A woman across the pond called 999 (their version of 911) because she lost her TV remote.  The 999 operator is super polite about it, and it made me feel better about some of the crazy 911 calls we report on.  Let’s review some of our favorites. 

Amanda Nunes had a first round victory against Miesha Tate over the weekend, in a great fight, and in doing so became the first openly gay UFC champ! Now, I know some of you are thinking “Big deal! Who cares if she’s gay?? She’s a great fighter and her sexuality shouldn’t matter!”  I totally understand what you’re saying, and to most of us, it doesn’t matter, but there’s some gay people who have to either hide who they are or are shamed for being who they are, and seeing a champion that is gay like they are provides some comfort.  Maybe it will make some LGBTQ teen not feel so bad about themselves.