An Uber passenger recently uploaded a video of an interaction she had with her Uber driver.  I’m assuming she uploaded it in the hopes of being able to claim she was a victim of some sort, but what ended up happening was she made herself look like a total dickbag.  Now, we don’t know what happened before the recording started, obviously, but we learn she was late, said she was in a hurry, and needed a ride to the ER.  The Uber driver got her to the hospital, but that wasn’t good enough.  Check out the comments on her youtube video.  Hilarious. Maybe she has mental problems though? IDK.  “You’re facing a felony.”  “I’M FACING A FUCKING MORON!”  bwahahahaha!

Ricky Williams, former NFL player, has started a gym where the athletes can indulge in mary jane while sweating to the oldies, or whatever their workout program is. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “aren’t stoners lazy slugs?” Well, if that was what you were thinking you are very good at stereotyping! hahaha.  Anyway, turns out lots of athletes partake in the devil’s lettuce.   Marijuana helps to enhance the running experience, avoid fatigue and boredom during long runs, and combats joint and muscle pain.  Stoned and Toned would be the name of Danger’s weed gym 🙂

A robber in Florida pulled the dumbest move of all time.  He robbed the convenience store he used to work for. LOL.  He busted in the store with a gun that was later determined to be his roomate’s pellet gun, and the clerk recognized his voice. It didn’t take long for the cops to detain Joshua Ruiz.  What an idiot.