Pokemon Go has been making my job as a “news” person A LOT easier lol.  Here’s the Pokemon Go story round up for the day.

A dude fell in a pond looking for Pokemon

A TV news anchor walked through a weather report trying to catch ’em all.

The Holocaust Museum is asking the makers of Pokemon Go to remove their location from the game.  People have been trying to catch ’em all inside the Holocaust Museum.  Although the intent of placing Pokemon in the museum was to make people go there and experience the museum in an effort to educate the masses, it’s ended up just annoying fellow museum goers and the staff.  Unintended consequences.

A couple Pokemon players and their pizza delivery driver ended up finding and rescuing an injured puppy in Texas. 🙂 YAY! See, all of you Pokemon Go haters need to look at the clear positives: People are getting out of their house and walking around!! People are exploring the outdoors! People are providing news stories! LOL.