Pokemon round up!

A vicious KO during an MMA fight ended with a pokeball being thrown at the dude with a broken skull laying on the mat.

Dude literally has a broken skull, could be a career ending injury.

There were two different car accidents over the weekend in which the drivers admitted to playing Pokemon Go while driving, both were also drunk, so we gotta factor that in to our judging of these people lol.  Both were single vehicle crashes, so thank goodness for that, but one dude failed to negotiate a curve and the other just drove off the damn road. Sheriff Dave Mahoney Big Bologna says he hopes we don’t have to make a law banning playing Pokemon go while driving. I mean, come on, use your damn head.

Playmate Dani Mathers is being investigated by the LAPD after posting a pic of a lady at her gym, LA Fitness, getting out of the shower.  She wrote a snarky comment about not being able to “unsee” the naked lady and sent it into the snapchat universe.  Well, needless to say, the world now hates Dani Mathers.  She has deleted her twitter account after apologizing profusely and getting crucified by the internet mob.  LA Fitness banned her from all of it’s clubs and detectives are investigating after the LAPD received a report of “illegal distribution” of the image, police Capt. Andrew Neiman said.  Who would have thought a Playboy model was an egotistical, shallow asshole? lulz.