A lady in England is desperate to find a cure for her daughters non stop sneezing.  Nine year old Ira Saxena only stops sneezing while sleeping.  She sneezes about 8,000 times a day and the doctors are totally puzzled.  The sneezing started about three weeks ago, when Ira just woke up and started sneezing and couldn’t stop.  The story totally reminded me of this Simpson’s Episode.

Bill Cosby has apparently gone completely blind and is confined to his home.  Insiders say he’s in “his own personal hell.” Which couldn’t make me happier. His wife is by his side still, working on his defense.  Good luck, lady.

Turns out gettin’ it on can help you curb your cravings! Dude, if I got it on every time I wanted pizza I’d probably be considered some kind of sexual deviant, and prolly 20 pounds lighter lol.  So, oxytocin, your pleasure hormone, the one that gets released after working out, or hugging, or cuddling or being in love, or bangin’ also curbs your appetite. Science says, if you’re feeling like grabbing a candy bar, rub one out, or get it on and you’ll forget that candy bar even exists. Perfecto!