The family of singer Cilla Black stumbled across a super rare record that the whole world thought was lost.  The 7inch vinyl “It’s For You” sung by Paul McCartney was found in a brown envelope and could fetch up to $30,000 on the auction block.  McCartney wrote the song for Black and recorded a demo for her in 1964, Cilla Black’s version peaked at number 7 on the UK charts.  Crazy!

A craft beer inspired by Megadeth is set to hit shelves very soon. Unibroue in Quebec has brewed the Belgian style Saison Ale and are calling it  À TOUT LE MONDE.  Megadeth joins tons of other metal bands with beers named after or inspired by them, including Iron Maiden, Kiss, Motorhead, Gwar, Clutch and ooooh so many more.  Way cool! Can’t wait to try À Tout Le Monde.

A tavern in Glasgow is about as dog friendly as a business can be.  Not only can you bring your pooch with you, your dog can also enjoy food and beer with you! There is a whole dog friendly menu available, including hot dogs cut up, and doggie beer! SO COOL! I’d love a venue like this in Madison!