A clubhouse for the Hell’s Angels somewhere in Canada ended up as a Pokemon Go stop LOL. Needless to say, the Angels and the cops aren’t happy about it.  Rick Ciarniello, a spokesperson for the motorcycle club’s Vancouver chapter, said members are not pleased to learn of the inclusion in the game, and they expect players to stay off the property.  Well, duh.  Shouldn’t you be careful to stay off of private property regardless of the sitch? I so wish the Angels would just mess with the players, just a little bit.  Don’t hurt ’em, just mess with ’em.

A woman in Texas is super upset about a “urinating toy” shooting water at her while her and her fam were at a Hibachi restaurant.  You can see the toy in the video below.  Seriously, nothing offensive about it, but if you were to be offended, I’m pretty sure you could just ask them not to use the toy.  ANYWAY, damn toy accidentally squirted water in or near her face and she claims she was sexually assaulted by the toy.  ERMERGHERD. Stay home, people. Just stay in your damn safe bubble then! GAH!

Ronnie Music Jr, 45, of Georgia won $3 million in scratch off tix.  Instead of investing the $ in property or stocks, he invested in a meth distribution ring and was BUSTED! hahah. Idiot. Some of his co-conspirators got busted trying to sell a half million worth of meth and rolled on Ronnie.  Ronnie ended up having over one million bucks worth of meth at his place, guns, ammo, and $600,000 in cash.  If there’s a combo the government doesn’t like it’s guns, money and drugs.  He’s no Walter White, that’s for sure.