A couple assholes in Stoughton busted into the exhibit barn and brutally attacked 6 show rabbits.  Hopefully they’ll all recover, but they’ll never be show rabbits again.  It looks like there were two people, one who would hold the rabbit(s) and the other that took a tool of some sort and shoved it into the rabbit(s) and pulled it out.  Seriously, just hurting animals for fun.  Unbelievable! Let’s find these creeps before they move onto hurting people.

Some dude in Michigan made a homemade cannon and was shooting it off throughout the day on Sunday.  It all sounds fine and good, but apparently dude overloaded his homemade cannon and it effing killed him.  WHAT COULD GO WRONG WITH A HOMEMADE CANNON? GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, IDK!!!  smh.  This thing is so friggin’ brutal it shakes the windows in houses down the damn block. smh.  Crazy ass.

A stray cat was sneaking into the Folsom City Zoo to steal the dog food the zookeepers always lay out for the bears.  Cat in a bear cage, you’d think the bear would eat the damn cat, right? NOPE! The zookeepers started putting out cat food for it, and now the stray cat and the bear are besties! SUPER CUTE! LOVE IT!