Some old dude in Canada boxed a bear and friggin’ won! hahahaha! HELL YES! Rick Nelson spent years as a feather weight boxer, so he wasn’t just some schlep doing tae bo, he was legit AF. Anyway, Rick was walking around with his dog when he saw a cute little bear cub, which is a huge effing problem, because behind a bear cub is mama bear, and mama bear was effing pissed.  She charged at Rick full speed, got up on her hind legs and was ready to effing throw down! The bear took a swing at him, Rick responded with a right hand jab, grazing the bears lips and teeth and messin’ up Rick’s knuckles.  The bear struck again, slicing up Rick’s face and chest.  Rick knew most bears are right handed, so when the bear swung with it’s left, he knew a right would be coming, and hard.  So Rick hit the bear with a brutal upper cut.  Hit her right in the snout.  The damn bear then turned and walked away like nothing ever happened.  WHERE IS THE DOG IN ALL OF THIS??? Man’s best friend, my ass!

Let’s head to Florida where some dude battled a gator for his iPhone, while his wife recorded.  SMH. I thought for sure this would be a Darwin award winner, but he lived. Anthony Larimore dropped his phone while trying to use facebook live, it ricocheted off the boardwalk he was on, and bounced into the water, where a gator went for it.  Now, IDK about you, but I’d let that one go, chalk it up to FML and get a new iPhone, but Tony wanted the pix of his young kid that were on his phone.  …  Doesn’t everything get backed up to the iCloud? Oye Oye Oye. He got his phone back from the gator with a whole crowd watching.  Yay mankind.