In Norwalk, Ohio, an ex roomate sitch turned violent when pizza rolls got involved. Travis Vartorella, 21, and his former roomate Trystan Mesenburg, 20, had a falling out, obvs.  Trystan was dropping by the once shared apartment with his girlfriend over the weekend to pick up the last of his shiz.  All was fine and dandy until Trystan went for the pizza rolls in the freezer.  That’s when Travis came around the corner with a huge effing 3 foot long sword. Travis demanded that Trystan “leave his effing pizza rolls alone.”  The couple bolted, as we all would, and then called the cops.  The police found the 3 foot sword, plus a machete and another blade in dude’s room.  Turns out Travis is on probation cuz of a former felony conviction for providing obscene material to a 13 year old.  There’s no pizza rolls in jail, dude.