The Oregon Trail was my favorite game to play in school. OMG, was I excited when we had extra time in computer lab to play a few minutes of Oregon Trail.  The beloved computer game is now available as a board game at Target and online! I’m excited to try it out!

3 of the human characters from Sesame Street have been let go.  It’s so weird, cuz for a lot of us, we grew up with those people! It’s like saying goodbye to a friend! I must be PMSing or some shiz. Bob the music teacher, Gordon the science teacher and Luis the “Mr. Fix-It” were all let go.  I wonder if they’ll be replaced with a bunch of man bun wearing hipsters 😉

Let’s head down to Florida, where 85% of the best news stories happen.  Loose stat, there. 😉 Anyway, Daniel Rushing, 64, was a regular customer at Krispy Kreme, and that would end up being the source of all of his woes.  Daniel was pulled over for speeding when the cop noticed white flakes on the floor mats.  The deputy figured it was cocaine, but then changed her mind, and figured it was meth.  She did a field test on these white flakes, and it came back positive for meth.  Well, turns out, it was a false positive, but that nugget of info wouldn’t be known til several weeks later when the state crime lab finished the official test.  The white flakes that Daniel got arrested and booked for weren’t meth, or blow, or any drug.  They were flakes from the yummy icing that glazes his favorite Krispy Kreme donuts.  Donut flakes. Daniel Rushing has lawyered up and is looking for  some $.  Go for it, broski.