A video of a bear breaking into a house appeared on reddit and we have no follow up yet. I checked his reddit and he’s apparently still alive, he just posted 🙂

Here’s a gif of it, if you need to poop your pants some more.

Larry the lobster was a huge mofo.  I say was cuz a bunch of animal rights idiots killed him.  This story, of course, took place in Florida. Larry was set to be someone’s dinner, when his HUGE size garnered him some media attention. Upon seeing the news story, iRescue, an animal rights group decided they were going to rescue Larry and send him back to Maine.  They bought Larry and tried shipping him once, but FedEx wouldn’t take the package cuz it was dripping. So they tried again, and this time they took the box, and delivered it to the Maine State Aquarium.  He was dead, Jim.  iRescue didn’t use enough cooling gelpacks so Larry ran out of oxygen and died.  Turns out the warmer lobsters are the more air they breath.  He suffocated. Poor thing.  RIP LARRY.