The flooding in Louisianna SUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKSSSSS.  Crazy stories about people rescuing animals and humans alike.  Check out this crazy video of a dude helping a chick and her dog out of her car just moments before the car becomes fully submerged in rapidly rising flood waters.

Rob Zombie’s movie “31” is going to be screened September 1st in a nationwide sneak peek.  You can get your tix to check out the movie here in Madison at the LOVELY Point Cinema!

Disturbed wants to play the Super Bowl halftime show, and they’re asking fans to vote for them here.  David Draiman said “EVEN THOUGH WE HAVE NEXT TO NO CHANCE, IT CERTAINLY COULDN’T HURT TO HAVE THE ROCK COMMUNITY MAKE A STRONG STATEMENT BY VOTING? JUST BECAUSE SOME MIGHT THINK “IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN”, DOESN’T MEAN IT ISN’T WORTHWHILE TO STICK A BIT OF ROCK IN THEIR FACES!” Holy caps locks.  He must be serious!