The best headlines start with “Florida woman” or “Florida man.” This ho went berserker on a few teenagers, but we still don’t know what set her off.  I just want to know if I’m eligble for a free trip to Africa too.

Steven Tyler has pulled off a 17 year long prank, throwing the shocker up in the video intro for Disney’s Rock n Roller coaster at universal studios.  Apparently no one noticed til a few weeks ago, and as soon as it was noticed Disney added a finger to block the shocker.

A 49 yeard old German man has been fined for damaging a foe’s car with a flying sausage.  The accused and his son were walking when the “victim” parked right in front of them.  The dad was pissy about the careless driving/parking and began to exchange words with the crappy driver.  They shoved one another and the accused grabbed the only weapon he had, an almost foot long sausage and hurled it at the bad driver’s car. The metal clip on the end of the sausage left a 1cm dent in the car.