Check out these AWESOME, huge, felt, realistic looking cat heads! WANT!  They were made by some art students and their teacher over in Japan. Can’t find ’em to buy online anywhere though, maybe time for an art project!

Temple of the Dog’s first ever tour sold out less than a minute after it went on sale.  Third party buyers snagged most of ’em. SUPER SHITTY.  I hope they add more dates on to the tour, since they’re only hitting five coastal cities. Where’s the love for the midwest, yo?!?!  Third party ticket buying always effing irks me.

Music can make your beer taste better! Science says so!  The Brussels Beer Project teamed with a band called The Editors to make a porter-style beer that was inspired by the musical and visual identity of the band.  Then they found 231 drinkers and divided them in to 3 groups.  One group with no music and no label on the beer, another group with no music and a label on the beer, and the third group listened to the Editors while drinking their labeled beer.  Before the test, the drinkers rated how tasty they thought the beer might be.  After tasting they rated how much they enjoyed it.  Results showed that those listening to music while drinking their labeled beer reported greater enjoyment than the other two groups.  WELL, DUH SCIENTISTY GUY!!! Everyone knows beer tastes better while jamming some tunes, but thanks for the validation 😉