A Filipino fisherman discovered a 75 pound pearl while diving over 10 years ago.  He didn’t think it had any value so he put it under his bed for good luck.  When a fire pushed him out of his home he brought the giant pearl to the local tourism board, they were stunned!  The pearl is g 1 foot foot wide and 2.2 feet long, which is bigger than the Pearl of Allah, which was previously the largest pearl known to man.  The Pearl of Allah is valued at 65 million, so I wonder what this baby is worth!

Did you know there’s a zip line at Niagara falls? Me either. Just found out today.


An 80 year old Jacksonville, Fl man was mauled to death by his neighbors 4 dogs.  The worst part about this whole story is the people in the neighborhood all knew it was only a matter of time before the dogs hurt someone, and the owner has a rickety ass wire fence keeping his dogs in. SMH. Dogs gotta hole in the fence, ran out and grabbed the dude, drug him back to the yard and pulled him apart. Only 30 percent of his body left. The owner is responsible for this.  Keep track of your damn dogs.