24-year-old John Norman Davis Reynolds of Mesa saw an Arizona Department of Public Safety trooper speeding on the freeway.  John, being a dumbass, decided it was his civic duty to follow the trooper.  John drove behind the trooper at speeds up to 90 mph even after the trooper activated his emergency lights, with his wife recording the whole thing.  The cop managed to eventually maneuver behind John and pull him over.  Keep in mind, this cop had NO IDEA why this car was tailing him and speeding, so naturally the cop was a little pissed when he arrested duder.  My favorite part about this story is John was SHOCKED he got arrested.  SMH. OMG. Dumbass. If you see a cop driving erratically you’re supposed to get their plate number and call ’em in.

Our favorite Florida asshole, George Zimmerman, is in the news again.  This time he got punched in the face at a bar.  Witnesses say Zimmerman was talking to a patron at the bar, complimented his confederate flag tattoo and introduced himself as the man cleared on self-defense grounds in the 2012 shooting of Martin.  A very drunk patron thought he was the guy that actually shot at Zimmerman in a road rage incident last year and said to Zimmerman “You’re bragging about that?” and then punched him, called him a “nword lover” and drove off on his Harley.  Zimm called 911 and that’s that.  What a gaggle of drunk dicks.

Janus Pawlowicz won a $675k settlement against his dentist cuz she dropped a root canal tool in his throat and it went in his stomach.  She knew she lost the tool, was looking around for it and never found it, sent the patient home anyway.  Well, within a few days Janus was experiencing severe stomach pain and had to get emergency surgery to remove the tool.  Yikes!