Geeks rejoice! Stranger Things 2 is greenlighted!

We almost got nailed by an asteroid! The 80-180 foot wide asteroid came within 50,000 miles of Earth, for persepective the moon is  239,000 miles away, so this effing thing grazed us! The smart astronauty people didn’t even see the damn thing until the day before it flew by.  Don’t worry though, it wasn’t big enough to be a planet killer, in order for an asteroid to do that it’d have to be about a half a mile wide.


Check out this bagpipe player drowning out an anti gay street preacher. Love it.

Some counties in Florida have been under a hurricane watch, and some people have evacuated, others plan on staying, which brings me to Pam Lay.  She’s buckling down for the hurricane and is gonna make potato salad and party. I want to hang out with this woman.  Pamcake’s quote is at about 49 seconds in.