There’s reports of 2 more clowns trying to lure kids into wooded areas. This time the clowns are in North Carolina instead of South Carolina.  The first report of a clown trying to tempt kids with treats came in at about 8:30 at night.  Two kids and one adult saw the clown dressed in white overalls, white gloves, red shoes, red wig and white face paint.  By the time the cops got there the clown was gone.  Next report came in after midnight and was a couple miles away from the original sighting.  Suspect was gone when the cops got there.  WTF???


A few assholes knocked over a rock formation in Oregon that has likely been there for thousands of years.  A bystander got video of it and confronted them afterwards.  They said their work was justified cuz it was a safety hazard.  Keep in mind the rock formation was actually fenced off from the public, so these assholes crossed the fence and ruined the formation.  SMH.

Narcos is going on for season 3, despite the obvious demise of Pablo Escabar we all expect at the end of season 2.  I was wondering if the show would go on after Don Pablo is out of the picture and the creator reminded all of us that the show is about Narcos, the cops that chase the cartels.  So I guess next season will focus on the Cali Cartel that comes to power after Don Pablo is dead.  Very cool. Great show.  Fantastic acting.  Google the history of the events happening in the show as you’re watching, it’s friggin’ mind blowing.