A Canadian mom got pulled over for speeding in a school zone.  When the cop spoke with her she smelled like weed.  Mom confessed to smoking a joint with some friends to celebrate the first day of school. LOL.  She was found to not be impaired, and was let go with a warning.  Man, oh man, Vancouver is where it’s at.


Let’s head to Holmes, Ohio, were there was a ragin’ party with over 1000 amish youth.  The cops were called in and arrested 75 Amish teens for underage drinking.  Massive effing field party.  LOL. Total flashbacks to my high school days, except I had zippers and what not.


Pictures posted on a Russian social media site show the river Daldykan near the city of Norilsk flowing blood red.   Some people are calling it a mystery but it’s really not.  Norilsk is one of the most polluted cities on earth, and workers at the metals plant there even call the waste water pool at the factory “the red sea” because it’s friggin’ red.  The damn factory polluted the friggin’ river. Come on, no effing mystery!