Remember the horrible 9/11 mattress commercial? Well, the store has been closed indefinitely and the owner issued a statement via fb, cuz that’s where we issue statements, ya know.  The owner, who is the father of the woman in the video, said they’re announcing accountability actions within the company, and they will be donating some money to 9/11 funds.  I accept it.  He didn’t know about the commercial and now he has to deal with the backlash.  You can read the full statement here.

Biatch has been added to the Oxford English Dictionary! LOL. Omg. IDK why but I’m pretty pumped about the addition. Also added: Yoda, YOLO, fuhgeddaboudit, crap and so much more.  Browse the full list here.


Police in Ohio posted a pic of a few heroin users passed out in their van with a 4 year old kid sitting in the back.  The picture bothered most of us for the whole damn weekend and into the week, and now we have an update on the kid and the people involved.  Turns out the woman in the photo is the child’s grandma and she had just been granted custody of the kid weeks previous to her OD.  The kid’s mom and dad “couldn’t manage” being parents, so the child’s brother, who’s three is living with another relative.  UGH.  So this poor kid has been shuffled from person to person, separated from his brother, and now he’s moving again.  The kid is going to live with his great-aunt and great-uncle, and I hope to the gods that they are nice, friendly, loving people that can provide some sort of stable environment for that child.  SMH.  So friggin’ sad.


Burger King released Cheetos Chicken Fries this week in select markets.  What do you think about all of these places smooshing foods together?

A bunch of card skimmers were found on gas pumps in the area.  If you pay at the pump it would behoove you to wiggle the card reader and see if it moves.  Skimmers will usually wiggle quite a bit.  Here’s a pic of what a skimmer looks like. 

This is the full list of gas stations where skimmers were found on gas pumps:

Whitney Way Mobil, 699 South Whitney Way, Madison

Farzo LLC, 699 South Gammon Road, Madison

MS Mobil, 3019 East Washington Avenue, Madison

BP Amoco Food Shop, 318 South Park Street, Madison

Avenue Shell, 4821 East Washington Avenue, Madison

Milton Travel Center, 1262 Arthur Drive, Milton

J&R Express Mart, 650 Midland Road, Janesville

Newville Travel Plaza, 581 East Richardson Springs Road, Edgerton

Tri-Par Qwik Stop, 580 Orth Drive, Random Lake

Camp Douglas BP, 215 Highway 12/16, Camp Douglas

Dino Stop II, 1280 Wisconsin Dells Parkway, Lake Delton

7 Eleven, 7610 W. Rawson Avenue, Franklin

Open Pantry, 17235 Bluemound Road, Brookfield

BB Mobil Mart, 4320 West Prospect Avenue, Appleton

Jackson Street Mobil, 5171 Jackson Street, Oshkosh

An employee at an Indiana subway was recorded using one of those tennis racket looking bug zappers right by all of the sammich fixins.  A customer there decided to bust the guy out instead of just saying something to his face, which is a whole different discussion….anyway, the restaurant voluntarily closed for the day and was inspected.  I have a feeling the employees will be going through a food safety course or something like that.  Subway actually contacted the guy that recorded the video to try and make it right with him.  Much ado about something very very very minor.  Gross? yes! But come the hell on.  This didn’t need to be a national story, for cry eye. Holy crap, this sandwich looks delish.