The world’s hottest chip comes in a coffin and a sealed package, with one single chip inside.  It’s of course made from Carolina Reaper peppers, which are the spiciest damn thing evah! It’s recommended that if you eat the chip, to chase it with with ice cream, milk, yogurt or honey to mitigate the kick. Just don’t chase it with water unless you are trying to really impress your friends – water will spread the spice around and make the whole experience even more deathly. Good luck!


A worker at the Royal Canadian Mint was busted smuggling gold nuggets and such in his bunger.  He would smuggle gold out, sell it to a buyer for 5 grand a nug, and go about his day.  A teller at his bank tipped off authorities because of all these 5 grand checks homeboy was depositing.  Well, after an investigation they figured out duder had smuggled over 135K outta the mint! ERMERGHERD!  My favorite part about this story is how they found a tub of vasoline in his work locker. LOL. Gotta lube up those gold nuggets before shovin’ em in your stink star, eh buddy?


A shop owner in Dublin, Ireland has been having problems with a ninja pooper.  There’s CCTV footage of the incidents, but the pooper remains on the runs. HA! A couple weeks ago, dude stopped his car, got out and pooped right in front of the shop, got back in his car and took off.  Following week the ninja pooper came back, and this time it took about 45 minutes for the sacred duke to drop.  The store owner has retaliated by putting a toilet in front of his store. LOL. Nice work, smart ass!


A woman in Ohio managed to get 2 DUI’s within 6 hours of each other.  Her BAC was over .34 the first time and over .35 the second time. So she managed to get more drunk during that 6 hours.  Wow. Get sober, lady.


Some Dr in Illinois was giving kids “fake” vaccines, some of which were made from booze and/or cat saliva. Regulators recieved complaints about Dr Lin giving kids “oral vaccinations” for shiz that doesn’t even have an oral option, so they went and checked up on the doc.  His office was messy and cluttered and he told investigators he’s been giving “alternative” vaccines for over 10 years.  He was even signing the state forms saying the children were getting the proper vaccines. He’s gotta hearing with the Medical Disciplinary Board on October 11.  Yikes.  What a weirdo.