Want more productivity out of your workers? Give them compliments and pizza and they’re productivity increases by at least 6 percent, according to new research.  Praise and pizza makes ppl work harder than even cash rewards! Duke University psych prof Dan Ariely has a new book out called Payoff: The Hidden Logic That Shapes Our Motivations and in it he detailed a study that involved employees at an Intel factory in Israel. Employees received one of three messages that promised them pizza, compliments, or a cash bonus if they assembled a certain amount of computer chips that day; there was also a group that received no message which served as the control.  Day one pizza was the top motivator, increasing productivity by 6.7 percent over the control group; praise was close behind at 6.6 percent, and the cash bonus (approximately $30) trailed considerably behind at 4.9 percent.  As the study went on, those who were promised a cash bonus performed 13.2 percent worse than those in the control group on the second day.  Overall, compliments turned out to be the best motivator.   Not sure where this quote comes from but it’s totes approp. “Of course, fair pay and a living wage is absolutely essential, but pizza is the tool you need to finally rule the world.”