A lightsaber academy is opening in San Francisco!!! LudoSport started in Milan 10 years ago and now has schools all over Russia and thanks to a crowd funding campaign they’re opening up shop in the US! The school teaches seven forms of lightsaber combat with participants going from Padawan to Knight, letting them figure out what type of Star Wars canon they want to emulate. They can focus on offense, defense, balance, or just being a massive dick a la Darth Maul.  Way cool!

Danish experts say grunting while pooping isn’t helping at all. In fact it might be hindering your poo.  Jan Fallingborg, a senior consultant at Aarhus University Hospital’s department of gastroenterology says “Basically it is all about pressure and that pressure decreases when we let air and noises out of our mouth. Therefore the release of forced sounds should have the opposite effect.” This of course, got us started talking about the Squatty Potty. 


A woman in Florida rolled up to a car wash and started to vacuum gasoline out of her trunk…. what could go wrong??? The damn vacuum burst into flames and the security cam caught all of it! So, chick is vacuuming, vacuum explodes, chick throws the vacuum hose, closes her trunk and drives away never to be seen again. LOL. The damn thing is gonna cost $500 to fix, thank goodness nobody was hurt, cuz that could have been bad!

Some chick in England friggin’ bought a circus performers pickled earlobes.  AND THAT IS AWESOME.  Sarah Martin bought ’em for about $500. She collects other weird things, which I guessed this wasn’t a starter item to a collection.  Anyhoo, how did the earlobes get pickled? Well, Hannibal Hellmurto is a sword swallower and over all odd lookin’ dude.  When he was stretching out his ears they became too thin and he had to have them cut and stitched back together, so he kept the severed lobes, and pickled ’em, and profited.  Genius.  This gives me hope for my collection of nails… my nail jar.


Havin’ a bad day? Not as bad as this dude who knocked over a bunch of TVs at a store valued at over 6 grand. We don’t know yet if the guy will have to pay for the damages or not,but I’m gonna say no, since the TVs weren’t mounted to anything.