Halloween Time! Love this song!

We’ve been blessed with the creepiest Jeopardy answer EVER.

Pringles is introducing a new sweet flavor in time for xmas.  Apparently last year they released a few dessert chips, I suppose you could call them, including Salted Caramel and Pecan Pie. This year the new flavor is Sugar Cookie. What the hell? I prefer my pringles salty AF, BBQ and Cheese flavor please.  Kind of reminds me of those weird ass Lays flavors.


A dude in Thailand had to have a C ring removed after he couldn’t remove it after getting an erection.  Hospital staff had to use a bolt cutter and hacksaw to remove the ill fitting sex toy from dude’s wiener. YIKES!


Did you see this guy match Smashmouth with Evanescence?

A lady in Janesville was arrested for her 9th OWI after a hit and run accident. Witnesses said Karyn Rew was eastbound on Lauren Avenue when she hit a parked car. She then fled on foot into her home on Laurel Avenue, according to the release.  Once cops located her she refused a BAC, so they got a warrant for a blood draw.  She was locked in the jail with charges of hit and run, operating without insurance and 9th offense OWI. Yikes, lady. Just drink at home, would ya?


A couple in California wandered into the woods for their engagement photos and they stumbled upon a black metal band doing a promo photo shoot.  The band, Coldvoid, ended up snapping a few pix with the lovely couple.  Way cool, and too funny.


Everyone should watch this video.


and this chick got stuck in the freezer!