Pornhub is putting out an adult coloring book.  Like a triple X rated adult coloring book.  This link leads to very NSFW stuff, so click at your own risk.  Ho Ho Hooooos everywhere.


A couple a-hole kids in Omaha decided to mix their semen into their frosting for turnovers they had to make in their home ec class.  The teacher tasted the turnovers and realized something was amiss.  A fellow student filled her in on the boys’ plot to add their special ingredient to the frosting.  Apparently they went into the bathroom, masturbated into separate cups, then added the baby batter to the frosting.  Looks like the boys, ages 14 and 15 are going to get a ticket for disturbing the peace. YIKES.


An anonymous person, wanting to be only referred to as Santa B, paid off more than $46,000 in layaway bills at a Pennsylvania WalMart, helping more than 194 customers get their layaway gifts.  Awwwwww, I love these stories!!!

So the heart warming Santa story we covered about the Santa that had a terminally ill kid die in his arms….well, it might all be a big fat lie.  Turns out none of the hospitals in the area can confirm that the story happened in their facility and the Santa refuses to give the names of the nurse that notified him of the dying child, or the of the family the kid belonged to.  So, this isn’t quite a confirmed lie, but it’s more of an unconfirmed truth.