There’s been a death in the family, and this one hits home, and the waist line.  Peng Chang-kuei, the inventor of General Tso’s Chicken died from pneumonia at the age of 98 last Wednesday.  He started his food training at age 13 and according to legend General Tso’s Chicken was named in 1952, when Mr Peng was cooking for a visiting US Navy Admiral, Arthur Radford.  Low on inspiration, he fried some chunks of chicken and added sauces and seasoning in a bid to create something new. The admiral loved the result. When he asked the name of the dish, Mr Peng christened it on the spot: “General Tso’s Chicken”. The real-life figure behind the name is Gen Zuo Zongtang – a revered 19th Century military man from Hunan.  What a story.  Gonna have to buy some General Tso’s Chicken today in remembrance of Peng Chang-kuei.


We’ll head to Florida for our next story, which we all know, is America’s Wang.  Anyway, Brittney Cline said she was sleeping in her bed, when her cat jumped off the bed and woke her up.  Upon waking she saw a shadowy figure at the end of her bed.  She said “hello” and the shadowy figure slowly dropped to the ground, as if trying to blend into the room.  Brittney grabbed her phone and illuminated the area toward the end of the bed and discovered some guy petting her cat. The guy eventually just took off, but luckily Brittney had a baby gate up in her room, so the intruder left fingerprints on the door frame trying to step over the gate.  Turns out her neighbor, Jasper Fiorenza was the intruder and he had a past record of battery and theft, which is why the police had his fingerprints on file and were able to arrest him for burglary. Yikes. How creepy would that be???


Another guy in New York had a rough time trying to break into a pizza joint through the venting above the ovens.  Police arrived about 4 am to Pontillo’s Pizzeria, and could hear a man screaming.  They then discovered a man stuck in the vent on the roof of.  He is identified as 53-year-old Richard Graham of Rochester. A clerk working the overnight shift at a convenience store next door heard Richard screaming and called 911.  The Penfield Fire Department was called in to extricate Graham from the vent.  Firefighters say he was so far in that he could not be rescued from the outside.  “We gained entrance through the front door then we basically had to take the bottom of the exhaust system apart and we got him out through the bottom,” said Penfield Fire Department Assistant Chief Earl Lubanski.  Richard Graham was taken to the hospital where he was treated for minor injuries and released to the Sheriff’s Office.  Getting stuck in the vent caused more than $2,000 in damage to the restaurant exhaust system. What an asshole!


A boat ran into a ferry.  The boat was called Nap Tyme.  Driver must have been asleep at the wheel!

A couple in New Jersey ended up winning the lottery as the result of a mistake.  70 year old Dante Castillo usually picks his own lottery numbers, but last week when he bought his tickets the clerk accidentally sold him a ticket with computer generated numbers.  Turns out, they matched the five main numbers drawn but not the cash ball number, and they’re going to take the million dollar payout instead of a weekly sum of a grand.  Nice mistake, eh?


A real life Bad Santa fat shamed a 9 year old in North Carolina, the a-hole Santa has since been fired.