The big story that broke over the weekend was the announcement that the Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus will close the 146-year-old show in May.  They have a handful of shows to do in the mean time, but declining attendance combined with high operating costs are the reasons for closing.  Don’t fret though! The executive director of Baraboo’s Circus World Museum said Sunday he’s “optimistic” after the announcement.  Maybe even more people will be comin’ in to Baraboo to see the museum after the circus closes?  Johnny thinks that creepy clowns had a lot to do with the circus going away.


Check out this cat that loves sledding!

Look at this cat that can play “Find the Ball!”

For those of you dudes stressin’ out over wtf you’re going to do for your special lady friend on Valentine’s Day, STOP BUGGIN’!!! Turns out, according to a new survey 41% of women don’t only ignore the day, they effin’ hate it. Totally dread it. The bad news?  34% of women said they preferred watching TV to having sex.  OUCH.  To add insult to injury, 35% are just screwing you to get some cuddling in afterward.  Don’t stress about planning a fun night either, 72 percent saying being open and honest with each other was even more important than having fun together.  You can be boring and still come out ahead.  Great news. Happy Valentine’s Day, ya filthy animal.