Welcome to a new year!!!  There are a few recaps from Xmas and NYE and such we need to cover 🙂

First let’s head to Florida, where a pitbull named “Scarface” attacked it’s owner when she tried to put an Xmas sweater on it.  Oye oye oye.  Brenda Guerrero, 52, attempted to put the sweater on the dog when it bit her, then her husband, Ismael Guerrero, 46, tried to get the dog off of her and it ended up biting him.  So then their son  Antoine Harris, 22, stabbed the dog in the neck and head allowing the 3 of them to get back into the house.  Police and animal control got there and tranquilized Scarface, upon which it made it’s way into the house where there were 2 small kids.  Police then tased him and used bean bags to finally capture the animal.  Here’s the thing:  I can guarantee you this is the owner’s fault.  This dog didn’t just randomly snap.  I’m 99% positive that this dog showed signs of attacking before it actually did, and the bimbo kept putting the damn sweater on Scarface.  SMH. Not everyone should own a pitbull.


So the damn Hatchimals that all kinds of parents were going crazy trying to acquire for their crotch fruits for Xmas morning have ended up being one of my favorite things about his past holiday season.  First of all: they aren’t hatching lol.  Secondly: They’re swearing. HAHAHAHAHA


Mariah Carey had a problem with her NYE performance…. and it’s brutally long


Have you ever tried a ghost pepper? Check out this Boy Scout Troop leader, Johnny, downing 23 ghost peppers in an effort to raise money for his troop.  Damn, dude!