Check out this super cool version of Chop Suey performed as different bands

The NASA peeps held a big press conference yesterday and had SUPER AWESOME NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   They found 7 Earth like planets around a nearby star!! Only 40 light-years (235 trillion miles) from Earth we should be there by next year, er no. LOL. It’ll take awhile to figure out how to travel that far, like 20,000 years, but it’s still very exciting news!!!

Legendary broadcaster Alan Colmes passed away Thur 2/23.  We don’t have a lot of details, but I’ll definitely miss that dude on the air. He was so funny!

A couple dudes out crabbin’ got a surprise from a few baby orcas.

This pizza news couldn’t wait until #PizzaPthursday!!!  Pizza Hut is offering 50% off orders thru February 27th.  You gotta order online or with the app, and the discount is good for carryout or delivery.  Just remember to tip your driver based on what your total would have been without the discount.  The 50% off will show up at checkout, or you can use the code “FEBFIFTY” to apply it to your order. Way cool!

Check out this dude winning the Guinness Record for most fingersnaps in a minute – 296.  The previous record was 278/minute.  Try it out, you’ll start to cramp up. lol.

Madison’s own Clyde Stubblefield passed away over the weekend.  He was James Brown’s drummer and of course, a legend around these parts.  One of, if not THE most sampled drummer in the history of the world, and didn’t see a dime for many of them.  He was a great dude, and if you knew him, you loved him.  RIP Clyde!

A dumbass in Denver was doing parkour and fell through a friggin’ chimney.  He fell 40 feet down, and it would have been more if he wouldn’t have gotten caught on a cable.  He did an interview from jail that you really should watch.  He’s been charged with trespassing, and even ratted out his friend that gave him access to the roof in the first place! WTF!!!!  Anyway, the interview is here and him crying like a baby throughout the damn thing is half the fun.  Check out this compilation of parkour fails.  BRUTAL.