Did you see the flash from the meteor in Plover???? ERMERGHERD! I guess it landed in Lake Michigan. More deets here!

Hooters has your back and free wings on Valentines Day! All you have to do is buy 10 wings, then shred your ex, and you get 10 free wings!!! So just show up to Hooters with a pic of your ex and be ready to shred that shiz.  If you can’t make it to the restaurant, you can also shred your ex online, get a coupon and enjoy your wings in your lonely house.

The “cash me ousside” girl isn’t going away anytime soon.  First of all, her and her mom will be back on Dr Phil, we don’t know the air date yet, but it’s comin’.  Secondly, Danielle, that’s her name, got in an argument on a Spirit Airlines flight out of LAX.  The story goes Danielle’s mom was struggling trying to get her bag in the overhead compartment  and a third party female didn’t like how long it was taking.  Eventually the third party put hands on Danielle’s mom and well, Danielle cold cocked her.  The third party female ended up doing a “citizen’s arrest” until police arrived. All 3 hoes were banned for life from Spirit Airlines.  TMZ has video. 

A bunch of lost Bob Marley reels weren’t only found, but they have also been restored.  13 different reels of Bob Marley live shows were found in the cellar of a hotel Marley and the Wailers stayed in during their European tour.  All of the reels were heavily damaged by water but Martin Nichols ended up saving the day, and the tunes!!!  Nichols, a sound technician specialist, spent over a year restoring 10 of the reels.  1 reel was too damaged to repair and 2 were blank.  More deets here!

A woman in India, only identified as Selvi, awoke with a strange feeling in her nose.   It was itchy and irritating.  She thought she was comin’ down with a cold, but matters soon got worse.  She headed to a hospital, and doctors suspected a nasal growth.  She headed to another hospital to have her nose flushed, but no results.  At the third hospital, doctors saw that the “growth” was actually a “mobile foreign body” and ordered a scan.  Turns out, Selvi had a full grown cockroach in her nasal cavity between the eyes, close to the brain!!!  HOLY GUACAMOLE!!! The team at the hospital had to use suction and forceps to get the intruder out, and it took 45 minutes to get the sucker! Source here!