Burger King has been trolling clean eaters with the “announcement” that they’re going to start serving a cauliflower burger. WTF is that? “a chia seed-topped cauliflower bun with spiralised chicken breast and complimented with so-called “ice-cube relish” and kale”….. Ice cube relish. LULZ. Check out pix and vids here. It’s supposedly a collaboration with KFC and Figgy Poplleton-Rice, a clean eating fanatic, according to her week old instagram account.  Nice job, BK, but seriously, bring back the King. I loved him.

An elementary school in Scotland made the best out of a few dead goldfish by sending them into the afterlife with an epic Viking funeral.  Freddy and Bubbles, the class goldfish passed away.  The kids were in the midst of learning about Vikings, their gods and Valhalla, so the teachers thought it was a perfect time to expand the lesson.  They crafted ships for the goldfish, wrote and shared memories of the fish, then set the ships ablaze and sent them down the creek.  Check out pix and more here.

A person trying to take a selfie caused $800k in damage at  the Hirschhorn Museum in DC.  The accident happened in Yayoi Kusama’s “Infinity Mirrored Room — All the Eternal Love I have for the Pumpkins,” open since last Friday.   The room has a bunch of glass pumpkins with a bunch of mirrors. Someone smashed one of the ceramic, glowing pumpkins causing the room to have to be closed.  No charges are expected, but OMG, how embarrassing.

Gentle reminder: Steak and Blowjob day is coming up! March 14! It’s the dude’s version of Valentines Day, and the name pretty much says it all.