Just in time for March Madness Outback Steakhouse introduces the new 3 Point Bloomin’ Onion.  It looks friggin’ delish.  So it takes a regular, standard bloomin’ onion, adds cheese fries and steak.  Check out full deets here.  A buddy of mine had it and loved it, and dammit, I may have to get one so I can punish my toilet soon. LOL.

Going with the theory that men only wear cologne to attract ladies, there’s a new scent that smells like kittens.  The fragrance company Demeter puts it out and it’s called Kitten Fur.  The scent is described as “the olfactory essence of the warmth and comfort [from] just behind a kitten’s neck.” This is probably what Debbie has been dreaming about. If cats aren’t your thing, or you don’t want to attract crazy cat ladies, check out the other scents like popcorn, gin & tonic, or new baby here at Demeter Fragrance.

So last week this video went viral of Professor Kelly’s kids interrupting his segment with the BBC.

Well, the internet lost it’s mind.  Some people LOVED it.  Some people thought Prof Kelly handled it wrong, others called his wife his “nanny,” and thought she was too rough with the kids.  I personally thought it was hilarious, and there’s certainly no way any parent could judge them for anything that happened.  The did a follow up interview I highly recommend watching. Too cute.

Check out this video of two jet skiers who wrecked right in front of a cruise ship.  OMG.  Check your bikini bottoms, ladies. Everyone was okay.

A retired Air Force colonel had a medical emergency on a plane filled with doctors.  Best luck ever!  Tom McCay was on a flight from Atlanta to Houston last Thursday when he had some sort of a medical emergency and passed out.  When flight crew asked if there was a doctor on board about 2 dozen ppl stood up.  Turns out Tom was on a flight returning to Houston from some sort of Doctor’s conference.  Five of the doctors on board started working on him.  They gave him oxygen, and made him take an Aspirin in case it was a heart attack.  The pilot was going to make an emergency landing when Tom came around.  He was just really dehydrated and ended up taking some medication with booze, which didn’t help.  Damn, dude!