A 38 year old dude was arrested in a North Austin McDonald’s for walking around with his junk hanging out of his pants and then assaulting an officer.  His name? Alexis Pickles.  Mr Pickles had his pickle out at the mickey dees, just walking around when the dong a floppin.  Does that ever work for dudes? I mean, do any women ever look at a dude with his wang out in public and say “I’ll have sex with that guy!” … Nope. Willing to bet it never works. Anyway, Mr Pickles walked out of the McDonald’s to a bus stop and by then cops were on the scene.  He fled, was tased and eventually arrested.  Mr Pickles has been charged with a third-degree felony assault on a public servant. Other charges may be pending.

Strawberry lovers rejoice!! Starburst is releasing bags that are filled with only pink starbursts!! YES!!!  They’ll be available in a single stick for $0.99 and a larger bag for $3.19.  They’ll be available  in April for a limited time at Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Meijer and Amazon.

More strawberry news!  There’s a new flavor of M&M’s hittin’ the shelves, Starberry Nut!!! It’s part of M&M’s “Get Nutty” campaign where people are encouraged to take a selfie with their favorite M&M’s flavor and submit it on social media with the hashtag #GetNuttyWithM for a chance to win prizes.

A politcian in Sweden is proposing making lunch breaks into sex breaks!  He argues that couples don’t get enough time together, and spending an hour a day with one’s partner increases happiness and therefore productivity! Screw yourself into being productive! I LOVE IT!

Check out the coolest bag toss I’ve ever seen!

A new study out says that the average public pool contains 20 gallons of urine.  Stop peeing in the pool! If you need more info click here!