A tremendous morning of drinking with some righteous duders on the show highlighted by the heavyweight and still champion, Pseudo Sue, from Toppling Goliath in Iowa.  Its named after that bigass T-REX they found out in the Black Hills of South Dakota.  I knew those dinosaurs were good for sump’in!!  Xocoveza.  Its a winter spiced mocha stout.  Dont even try to pronounce it, just drink it and open the next one.  Its mexican hot chocolate and you’ll never go back again.  Mobcraft took a great recipe and turned out Hop Gose The Grapefruit.  A wheat ale that that nails it.  Eau Claire comes strong with Gunpowder Green Tea thats so damn drinkable.  We just toured Metropolitan in Chicago and hell yes they make this big malty dopplebock you’ll want in the fridge.  And then, right in our backyard, Hop Haus in Verona just nails it with Plaid Panther Scotch Ale.  Smooth and not so scotchy, you’ll want it right from the tap, go get some!!!   Give your brain the night off, drink some beer.  Cheers!!