April the giraffe kicked the vet in the nuts.  More live video please. hahahaha. Dude’s fine.

13-year-old Kayden Graber found a “ginormous” morel mushroom in Indiana over the weekend, and it’s pretty much the size of his leg.  Click here to see pix of the shroom and the kid.  Unbelievable!

Check out this beaver leading a herd of cattle. LOL. Wish they could talk!

Is this the worst truck driver in the country? I think so! He drove miles with a car stuck under his tires!! Props to the guy who stopped him.  The driver of the car said he’s sore but fine, and the California Highway Patrol say it’s not considered to be a criminal incident.  CRAY!

Starbucks released their Unicorn Frappucino (TNT’s Coffee and Cafe did it first btw!) and baristas are hating it. One filmed his freakout about making a billion of the drinks.  He didn’t get in trouble, so don’t worry about that. 🙂