John Daly is my new hero.

A Pennsylvania Amish teen has been charged for driving his buggy drunk.  He was also cited for underage drinking.  Sounds like shiz got cray off the farm when the buggy was pulled over because 2 teens were on top “buggy surfing.” LOL.  So the cop pulls ’em over, and the driver of the buggy appeared to be drunk.  The cop found 2 opened beer cans and 20 unopened cans.  18 year old Robert Miller was placed under arrest for suspicion of DUI and consented to a blood draw that resulted in a .065% BAC, which is above the .02% limit for a minor.

Rob Trujillo’s 12 year old son, Tye, will be playing with Korn for 6 dates in South America.  Fieldy couldn’t make it for the shows, but Tye, who plays in a band already, is more than capable of standing in.  WOW! I’d be nervous as hell! I love this quote from Rob, “My son is an amazing bass player and a really great writer. The bass lines that he’s writing and the riffs, I’m like, ‘Man, I wish I had written that.'” LOL. Awesome!

The new BK commercial will launch your google.

Not sure how I feel about that.

Charlie Murphy passed away at the age of 57 from leukemia.  Sad day for many comedians.  This is one of my favorite sketches  ever.

Let’s head to Connecticut where police say 25-year-old Woodstock resident Harrison Wootton crashed his car into a graveyard’s low stone wall in Putnam.  He was drunk and wearing a shirt that said “Hold my beer and watch this.” SMH.  Click here for the mugshot.  Just. Epic.